XQL media is named after the Aztec Goddess of the Arts, Xochiquetzal (XQL). We are a film production studio and a media company that produces feature films, documentaries, music videos and commercials. 


We are invested in shining a light on some of the most important issues facing society through our feature documentaries. We hope that our insights on these topics help to frame and open up rich conversations, inspire creativity, bring new thinking and identify potential solutions. From helping communities to becoming more civically engaged to assisting and guiding youth to become leaders and trailblazers through the art of media we are committed to creating greater equity for all in our communities. 

XQL Media specializes in documentaries, psychological thrillers, supernatural dramas and horror films as rich narratives that explore socio-cultural and contemporary themes.

We believe that stories are a bridge that connect all human beings and are dedicated to training the next generation of filmmakers.





Perez, Partner 

Jack Perez Directs.jpg

Jack Perez has directed over a dozen feature films. His movies include the indie hits SOME GUY WHO KILLS PEOPLE (executive produced by John Landis),  LA CUCARACHA (Winner Best Feature Austin Film Festival), and THE BIG EMPTY (Winner AFI Film Fest Best New Writer). He also directed the franchise-spawner, WILD THINGS 2 for Sony Columbia, wrote/directed the comedy, MONSTER ISLAND for MTV, and is the writer/director of the modern cult classic MEGA SHARK VS. GIANT OCTOPUS.
Soon after its release in 2009, MEGA SHARK VS. GIANT OCTOPUS became a pop culture phenomenon. The MEGA SHARK trailer was one of the top-10 most viewed trailers of 2009, racking up more views than AVATAR:

The film was made for only $250,000, and has since grossed over $6 million worldwide through DVD and TV distribution. It singlehandedly turned its production company, The Asylum, into a profitable movie-making entity, securing long-term multiple deals with SyFy Channel.  Moreover, Perez’s film spawned an entire new “giant-shark” genre, endless sequels and copycats,  including the SHARKNADO series.

Perez’s television directing credits include the pilot for the hit series, XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS; episodes of HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS; the hit reality series TEMPTATION ISLAND and LAST COMIC STANDING; the made-for-television movies, UNAUTHORIZED: BRADY BUNCH, THE FINAL DAYS and THE MARY KAY LETOURNEAU STORY; and the SyFy Channel action-thrillers, BLAST VEGAS! & DRONE WARS.

On the web, he is the director/writer of the hit Adult Swim video game, POLAR BEAR PAYBACK; wrote and directed the hit web series,  FEAR FORCE FIVE (80 million views); created and directed the animated film review show, TRAILER HITCH, as well as the popular director-on-director interview series, HOLLYWOOD TRENCHES.  He is also the creator of the YouTube premium movie channel, CINEFIX, which has over 3 million subscribers.