Young Directors Film Program

XQL Media partners with Arts for a Better Tomorrow (ABT) in order to offer training for the next generation of filmmakers. As part of our program we offer:
Our classes combine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with cutting edge filmmaking techniques to train young leaders and prepare them for jobs in the filmmaking industry. Our program is successful because we focus on uplifting youth of color who come from low-income backgrounds and use teaching methods to help build self-esteem, create awareness of important and relevant socio-cultural themes and  employment opportunities.
Through our classes youth will experience healing from past traumas, learn filmmaking techniques and be able to shape new narratives to tell their own stories in ways that give voice to their identity. Ultimately, they will create new spaces for rich and diverse storytelling in the communities they represent.
We partner with the Alexander Valley Film Society in order to offer year-round filmmaking educational opportunities and screen student films at events and screenings in Sonoma County.