True Humans
A Documentary About Sonoma Developmental Center
NEW Upcoming Screening on October 20th, 3pm at the Raven Theatre in Healdsburg! Look for us at the Alexander Valley Film Society event "What Does It Mean To Be Human?"

Nestled as a community jewel in the small town of Eldridge, CA the Sonoma Developmental Center (SDC) which had been in service for 126 years has historically been a tight-knit community for the developmentally disabled. The SDC offered an array of services unmatched elsewhere in neighboring communities and in the state of California.


Since the closure of the SDC was on December of 2018, XQL media in collaboration with the Parent Hospital Association has produced a documentary on stories of residents of the SDC and their families. 

What does it mean to be human? What does it mean to be evicted from the place you have called home for most of your life? This feature documentary, shares the stories of residents of SDC and their families who are facing many tough choices in being asked to relocate to smaller group homes. 





Photo: Senator Mike McGuire and Film Director, Malinalli López. 

True Humans, (43 min.) will be screened next in Sonoma County on October 17, 2019! Please visit us again in early October to get specific screening details. 

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